Environmental Scan of Pediatric Weight Management Programs in Canada

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General Information
Program Name: Family Weight Management Clinic
Website Address:
Year the program became operational: 2008
Address 1: 15900 Bayview Avenue
Address 2:  
City / Region: Aurora
Province: Ontario
Postal Code: L4G - 7Y3
Telephone Number: 905 - 726 - 9631
Program Contact Information
Name: Dr. Pierre Geoffroy
Job Title / Position: Physician
Institution: Doctors on Bayview
Email Address: pierre.geoffroy@ontariomd.ca
Address 1:  
Address 2:  
City / Region:  
Postal Code:  
Telephone Number:  
Program Referral and Enrollment Process
Referral process includes:
  • Physician referral
  • Other health professional referral
  • Self referral
Number of children enrolled in program each year:  
Inclusion Criteria
Age range (years): 5 - 17
BMI, BMI percentile, BMI z-score: above 75th percentile
Parental participation required? Yes
Medical complication(s):  
Other (please explain):  
Exclusion Criteria
Does program apply criteria that excludes children/families from the weight management program? No
If Yes, please explain (i.e. co-morbidities, barrier language, etc.):  
Treatment Team
Please indicate total number of Full Time Equivalent staff associated with your program/service (eg: for 2 part time practitioners select 1 FTE). Please round your answer down to the nearest selection  
General Practitioner: 1
Registered Dietitian:  
Fitness Professional:  
Registered Nurse:  
Secretary/Administrative Assistant: 0.5
Data Analyst:  
Patient Care Manager:  
Graduate Student:  
Other Team Members:  
Program Description
  • Private clinic
Description of the weight management intervention and setting: Centered on providing patient and parent(s) information about the risk of obesity, its impact and then providing detailed dietary and lifestyle counseling.
Intervention duration in number of weeks: 4
Length of follow-up in number of weeks: 12
Type of intervention:
  • Lifestyle Coach / Councelling
Style of intervention:
  • One on One Intervention
Program Affiliation
Is this program affiliated with community-based organizations (e.g., fitness centres) or health care professionals (e.g., psychologist)? No
If Yes, which organizations/health care professionals?  
Data Collection for CHILD and PARENT
Information collected as part of the weight management program:
Child Parent
Sex Y Y
Ethnicity Y Y
Immigrant status    
Height Y  
Weight Y  
Dual energy X-ray absorption    
Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis    
Waist circumference Y  
Hip circumference    
Blood pressure Y  
Self-esteem Y  
Depression Y  
Readiness to change Y Y
Quality of life Y  
Dietary intake Y  
Physical activity Y Y
Sleep quantity / quality    
Fasting blood sample Y  
- Insulin    
- Lipid profile Y  
- Liver enzymes Y  
- Hemoglobin A1C    
- Glucose Y  
Other not listed here physical activity questionnaire
Is the participant's satisfaction measured? No
Is Attendance / drop-out recorded? No
Please provide your feedback on this part of the questionnaire:  
Program Evaluation
Is the weight management program formally evaluated? No
If Yes, please attach information file (word, pdf, ppt, etc.):  
Funding Sources - Clinical Component
The weight management program is funded by:  
If Fee-for-service, please explain:  
Other funding sources: This program is provided for via provinicial billing fee-for-service codes. There is no extra charge for patients.
Funding Sources - Research Component
Is program involved in research? No
Additional details about the research:  
If Yes, the research component is funded by:  
Other research funding sources: